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As a leading diesel air heating company in New Zealand, our goal is to provide our customers with not only a great shopping experience, but also a wide range of additional services. 


We understand that finding the best product can be challenging. Let us know your special requirements and we will offer you a solution that fits your needs perfectly.

Not sure which size heater is right for you? No worries. Simply provide us with as many details as possible such as the total volume or dimensions, and the level of the insulation, and we will help you out.

We have a solution for camper-vans, motorhomes, tiny houses, yachts, green houses or any off-grid space that needs to be heated.

Customised kits

Have you got any specific requirements? Do you want a more advanced duct system with multiple outlets, marine kit, portable setup or something else? At  HEATPORT, we can create kits with a fully customised parts list that will  match your requests exactly.

All the kits that we sell are assembled per order directly in our facility so our customers do not have to pay for parts they do not need.

We can also modify or manufacture custom parts based on your requirements.


Finding a professional installer is the last thing you should worry about. We are packed with experience and have a good understanding in this area. Our goal here is to provide you with an excellent heating setup that will last.

Depending on the complexity of installation, it usually takes between 7 and 10 hours. We understand that if you live in your van, it may be inconvenient and costly to leave your vehicle overnight with a service station and stay in temporary accommodation. In most cases, we can perform the whole installation within one day and by the evening, you're ready to go!

We have the largest physical stock of spare parts and accessories for these products in New Zealand. We will build your parts list exactly to your specific requirements and you will only pay for the components needed.

While your heater is being installed, we can lend you a car, so you can spend your day around the Cheviot area.

We cover you with warranty for the fully installed product and are happy to offer an additional 24 months extended warranty on request.

Are you outside of Canterbury? Don't worry.

Check the list of the installers in New Zealand >


Did your diesel heater stop working? Even if you did not purchase the product from us, we are happy to help. Simply send us the specifications and photos of the product with a detailed description of the problem. We can diagnose the unit and replace the faulty parts.

See the sample diagnostic protocol >

For all our customers, we offer warranty and after-warranty service. We hold the spare parts physically in stock. We will not let you down.

Modifications & Upgrades

Not happy with your low-priced diesel heater purchased somewhere else online? Would you like to equip the unit with a modern control system, advanced remote switches and more quality parts?

No problem, we can do this too. Don't throw your old diesel heater away. We can refurbish older units and refit them with the newest technology.


Are you an engineering workshop, garage or RV reseller who would like to include installation of diesel heaters in your services? We have been in the industry for a while and we know all the tips and tricks. Although the system looks very simple, not following the basic rules can cause the product to not work correctly and in the worst scenario, could permanently damage the unit.

We can offer training that will allow you to understand the theory and install a diesel heater like a professional.

After training, we are more than happy to recommend you to our customers who are looking for local based installers.


Are you an established company reselling diesel heaters? Would you like to offer our products in your product range? Do you require replacement parts for servicing or accessories for custom installations and can not wait for slow international delivery? 

We are happy to offer you trade prices and reasonable margin for all our product with express delivery from our Canterbury-based warehouse across New Zealand.

We stock the largest selection of accessories for many other brands. Our products are backed by our local stock of spare parts. We will not let you and your customers wait.

Apply for trade pricing >


We are committed to bringing you this powerful autonomous diesel heating solution. We approach each customer individually to meet their unique requirements.

To find out more, talk to us or visit our showroom.

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